Why Should You Buy Sharp LC-80LE857 80 inch Model?

The latest line of Sharp AQUOS TVs lc-80le857 model is hitting the market, and the buzz has been quite spectacular for them. Boasting several new features along with a sharper, clearer and more colorful picture, the time appears right for many people to take the plunge and purchase this new, remarkable TV.
However, does the Sharp lc-80le857, which is the impressive 80-inch version of this new line of LED TVs really deserve a spot in your home? If you have not purchased a new large screen TV in a while or are looking to turn a room into a movie center, there are a number of considerations that you will want to make in purchasing the right TV for the job.

Here is why the Sharp LC-80LE857 TV may be the right one for your home and family, to view television like they never have before. Naturally, you will want to have a room that is large enough to properly view the screen. This will most likely be a room specifically designed for watching movies, perhaps a large den or living room as well.

LC-80LE857 Sharpness

Generally speaking, the first feature that most people want from their large screen TVs is the sharpest, most vibrant picture possible. The new Sharp LC-80LE857 boasts the superior Quattron RGBY system that adds a fourth color, yellow, to the traditional red, green and blue (RGB) mix. The addition of yellow enhances the colors and brings about a greater sharpness and vibrancy to the TV screen.
The new addition of Quattron technology has allowed these larger screens to now boast the stunning sharpness, and color band that somewhat smaller screens have used for the past couple of years. For those who needed a good excuse to upgrade to a larger screen, the addition of the Quattron is certainly a good one.




Another new feature for the larger Sharp TVs LC-80LE857, is the powerful new built-in audio system that boasts 20W audio for high fidelity, which makes for clearer sound overall. The new Yamaha DSP technology includes a 15W subwoofer that boosts the total to 35W which fills the room with deep, rich sound of the type you would experience in movie theaters.

LC-80LE857 Internet Accessibility

While having the internet on large screen TVs is nothing new, the Sharp LC-80LE857 boasts split screen technology that allows you to surf the web, while watching your favorite TV programs from your cable or satellite provider all at the same time. Now you can find what you want on the internet, and put it on your TV while keeping up with what is happening on cable, satellite or even over the air.


LC-80LE857 Energy Efficiency

Previously, one of the biggest drawbacks to having a large screen TV, in particular plasma screens is the enormous power consumption. However, the Sharp lc-80le857 features LED TV technology which uses very little power despite its large size. On average use, this Sharp model will only consume less than $30 on your electricity bill over the course of full year.

These are just a few reasons why you should considered owning the latest in the line of Sharp TVs, particularly the Sharp lc-80lle857 which boasts a large screen, plenty of new features and very low power consumption, making it the perfect choice for your home entertainment room.

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